Emma Watson for G3

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If this project will be funded you will see G3M version of Emma Watson for G3F  from famous ExtraClones artist. Also will be released addon for Han Solo, like with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. If project will not be funded you will see only simple preset for Han Solo pack.

 We have some funding goals to make this idea alive:


$500 - Head&Neck morph + Hi-detailed textures created in Zbrush.

$700 - 14-20 face expression morphs (With default expressions face will loose all photo identity) + hair style. This is our main goal to see good quality product.

P.S. If we did not reach at least first goal within a month,all Donation will be refunded!


TOP Funder can choose Bonus hair style and makeup!


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Funding type: Donation

This project will receive all of the funds Donated by 2018-06-06.

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Donate 20 USD or more

*Product package when it will be avaliabled on Store

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Donate 50 USD or more

*Product package when it will be released. *Exclusive bonus, usually its hair, that optimized for character head and used in product promos. This bonus product(s) will not be avaliable on store)

3 / 100
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